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Ages: 11+

Fee: $85 plus $10 non-refundable materials fee


Learning some basic acting techniques and practicing them, helps with not just stage or screen acting but everyday activities in front of any size group of people.

We will cover some basics of how to stand in front of a group, body language, how to be heard, drills on projecting. We are also going to work on expressing emotions including the importance of being able to change emotional expression quickly or slowly. We will do breathing exercises and even learn a little about miming and more.

I will also introduce everyone to some basic stage terminology for fun.

Each learner will pick a monologue to perform for the group (they can choose if they want to perform them in the talent show at the end of the semester or not). If there is any group of learners who want to do a scene together we can also do this.

Minimally every learner will be expected to practice and perform their monologue the last class of the semester for the group (parents can come watch).

I have many years of experience performing and directing on stage as a theatre arts major in college with a specialty in Shakespeare. I have been a regular speaker at conferences and on large stages in the area of Human Rights education and study of the US Constitution for the past 13+ years.