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Ages: 13-18

Fee: $95 plus $30 non-refundable materials fee


Welcome to Budding Botanists! This is an interactive and hands-on botany class, we will explore the world of plants! Through a series of engaging activities, observations, experiments and crafts, they will develop a deeper understanding of plant life, their structures and the roles they play in our ecosystem.

Join us as we discover the wonders of nature’s greenery through these topics : Plant anatomy, seed germination, pollination, vascular/non vascular plants, leaf identification, roots and rooting, fruits and flowers, herbs and ways to use, photosynthesis, nature journaling, botanical crafts and at the end of the class a plant show case!

So get ready for a journey together as we nurture a love for nature and plants!

Accept: cash, Venmo, and PayPal.