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Ages: 4-8 (younger with parental participation)

Fee: $75 plus $50 non-refundable materials fee


Each week, we will dive into a new career theme to explore hands-on through play:

(Veterinarian, Astronaut, Scientist, Firefighter, Police Officer, Race Car Driver, Carpenter, Restauranteur… to name a few).

We’ll mix it up with some role playing, dress-up, activity stations, crafts, and games.

This class WILL NOT include any guest speakers, but it will include some seriously epic fun and lots of super-cool take aways so you can continue the fun at home!

**Fully inspired by Lily Prescott, age 6.

Please note: this is an *11 week* course
Cash is preferred
Checks: made payable to Alicia Prescott

Paypal: (friends and family, please)