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CHEMISTRY (Shar Nunley)

Ages: 12 and up

Fee: $75 and non-refundable materials fee of $50


Payments: Cash or Check ONLY

We will look at the simple compounds and elements that rule our world. And yes they are our Overlords. The class goal is to have some fun and become familiar with common chemistry concepts. I will use the MEL Chemistry series in class.

Overlords Appearance Schedule will contain discussion and experiments. Some experiments will be demonstration only.

Oxygen – It ain’t just for breathing ya know

Nitrogen – Nutrient and chemical hazard a study in duality

Copper – Where it all started and still the best conductor around

Sugar – how it burns and why we love it

Zinc-Carbon Batteries – The storage vault that keeps us running

Other concepts: Salt and its bonds. Why no one can “grow” a crystal. How chemistry is used in Forensics and Material Science.