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Ages: 6-10 (Or any age who would enjoy reading books from the list)

Fee: $85 plus $30 non-refundable materials fee


I love talking about books with students– and I especially love urging you to dig deep and think about books beyond a simple “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it”. This is a cool class where I encourage readers to discover great books, share new stories, explore interesting topics, and have some “bookish” fun!

We will utilize modern books that are entertaining, engaging, and discussion worthy. We will use a variety of creative ways to read and respond to the books. We will also touch on literary devices like character, setting, context clues, plot development and more. This will help students see that reading “smart” and spotting literary devices can feel like cracking a secret code which helps them love and understand books on a deeper level. 🙂

For the first couple of weeks, I will read to the class, and then we will vote on a couple of books from the list below. We will use these books to learn about literary devices, and then your child can apply the same knowledge to any level book they are reading at home.

Note: There will be some additional reading and/or work at home (not every week). This is always optional, but will be helpful for class continuity.

Book List: