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Ages: 12+

Fee: $100


A unique and fun history class, designed to cover some of the biggest moments in European History. My background includes studying, working and living in Europe where I pursued a degree in Political Science and a minor in History. In this class, we will cover interesting topics and discuss little known facts to connect students to these moments in time.

What led to these events? What was their impact? What can be learned from these moments?

Bubonic Plague – Did doctors have patients drink their own urine as a potential cure?

French Revolution – What was the “national razor?”

Napoleon – How short was Napoleon and was he afraid of cats?

World War I – How old was the youngest combatant? Why did women turn yellow in the war?

World War II – How many sheets of toilet paper were soldiers given per day? How many US cars were made before the war versus how many were made during the war?

The Cold War – What role did shoelaces play in The Cold War?