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Ages: 9-12

Fee: $75 plus $35 non-refundable materials fee


We are going to study the early explorers of America using the history pocket books.

From the pocket description:

The introduction pocket gives an overview of exploration throughout North America. The other pockets feature ten famous explorers and their journeys.

Each of the pockets contains:

a reproducible pocket label

a bookmark of short fun facts about the subject

a reference map of the voyage(s) made by the explorer

a fact sheet of background information for teacher and students

arts and crafts projects

writing activities

Evaluation forms are provided at the end of the book for teacher and student assessment purposes

The book includes the following pockets:

Introduction to Explorers of North America

Christopher Columbus

John Cabot

Hernando Cortes

Jacques Cartier

Sir Francis Drake

Henry Hudson

Daniel Boone

James Cook

Lewis and Clark

John Wesley Powell

Cash accepted or payments can be sent to:

Venmo: Andromeda-Edison

Paypal: @arc3family