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Ages: 12+ (younger, if approved by teacher)

Fee: $75 plus non-refundable materials fee of $80


By the end of the semester, you’ll have crafted several creations that you’ll be proud to gift!

We’re not talking macaroni necklaces here…

we’ll dabble in such future favorite hobbies as bottle cutting & etching, wood scorching, jewelry wrapping, leather & metal stamping, candle making, gift wrapping and much more!

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the class, students must be able to follow directions and stay on task. Horseplay will not be tolerated and will result in being excused from the class.

The recommended age is 12+- based on maturity, younger children may be allowed.

I am also offering a similar class for younger kids to create some great homemade treasures to gift as well! 

Pricing reflects an 11 week semester. No class will be held on October 16th.

Preferred payment methods: check or PayPal.