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Ages: 9 to adult. Kids 8 and under must be with parent. 

Fee:  $25 per kid. $10 per adult. Non-refundable materials fee of $5 per person.


Payment methods accepted: cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle. HTSL500 @ yahoo. Com.

Come and learn to do all kinds of braids. We will practice on each other.

Ages 9 to adult. Kids under 9 need to be with their parent.

You will need to be comfortable with brushing and braiding other people’s hair and also having your hair brushed and braided.

(Yes, we will do a head check for lice each week.)

Bring your own brush and comb.

Please have your hair washed within 2 days of the class.

Bring a device to review You Tube tutorials for extra assistance and to learn the extra fancy braids.

Please bring one bag of hair ties for the class. Every week I will also bring a bunch of different kinds of hair ties, ribbons, etc.

This is meant to be a connecting and bonding class as well as an education in braiding. I hope to see many of you there.

You can reach me via phone/text 215-779-946nine or email HEATHERTSL @ yahoo dot com.