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HOW TO ARGUE (AND DEBATE)  (Andromeda Edison)

Ages: 13+

Fee: $90


Debates are a great way to gain knowledge, develop critical thinking, and improve communication skills, among other things. We will learn how to behave during a formal debate, but also a real life discussion with another person when you have different views than the other person.

Occasionally, we will do in class fun spontaneous debates. We will pick a question at random and then each learner will pick a side at random, prepare their arguments in 5-10 minutes and then present their arguments in 5-10 minutes.

Sample questions:

* Do men gossip more than women?

* Would you rather be poor and honest or rich and dishonest?

* Would you rather travel 100 years forward or back in time?

* Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

* Is it better to be TikTok famous or Instagram famous?

* Are hotdogs sandwiches?

* Are square pizza slices better than triangles?

* Are introverts too quiet, or are extroverts too loud?

* If Harry Potter magic existed, would it be ethical to use it?

We will also pick some more serious subjects and the learners will have time to prepare for them in-between classes.

I have 13+ years experience educating on two very similar documents, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written by the United Nations in 1948 and the United States Constitution. I received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2018 in Washington D.C. for my work in these areas. I work with middle and high school students to discuss every day issues and the more serious subjects as well.

Note: If there is a subject you feel strongly about us avoiding please let me know.