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HOW TO ARGUE (AND DEBATE) (Andromeda Edison)

Ages: 13-18

Fee: $110 plus $10 non-refundable materials fee


Debates are a great way to gain knowledge, develop critical thinking, and improve communication skills, among other things. We will learn how to behave during a formal debate, but also a real life discussion with another person when you have different views than the other person.

Be aware, we do talk about serious subjects in this class and if this would make your learner uncomfortable please do not sign them up for the class.

Occasionally, we will do in class fun spontaneous debates. We will pick a question at random and then each learner will pick a side at random, prepare their arguments in 5-10 minutes and then present their arguments in 5-10 minutes.

Sample silly questions:

* Which shape is more beautiful, the triangle or the square?

* Would you rather see a sunset or a sunrise?

* Which color is the best?

Sample serious questions:

* What rules should be in place for abortion?

* Should there be more restrictions on the use of guns?

* Is Global Warming a real problem?

* Should more recreational drugs be made legal?

* Other current event type questions…

The classes are learner lead and I do let them decide what questions and type of discussions we will be doing. There will be occasional games with prizes for the learners as well.

I have 13+ years experience educating on two very similar documents, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written by the United Nations in 1948 and the United States Constitution. I received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2018 in Washington D.C. for my work in these areas. I work with middle and high school students to discuss every day issues and the more serious subjects as well.

I will be traveling the end of March so if I am unable to get the class covered by another teacher when gone I will refund for the class missed.

Note: If there is a subject you feel strongly about us avoiding please let me know.