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Ages: 11 and up

Fee: $85 plus $15 non-refundable materials 


At the age of 14, I became an exchange student. I traveled to France and enrolled in 9th grade knowing only two words that I learned on the plane. Maison and Chat – House and Cat. Within 4 months, I had to show my passport to prove that I was an American and not French. Immersion, combined with youth make for a potent combination when studying language. In my opinion, wrote instruction is limited and individuals need to learn a second language as they learn their first – through conversation and experiences.

This class will be taught mostly in French with English translation. It will be conversational and interactive. We will learn vocabulary and pronunciation of the alphabet because frankly any English word pronounced with a snazzy French accent usually hits the mark. Grammar will be experienced and not taught.

We will explore French culture, history, pop culture, art and music while snacking on croissants, quiche, bread and cheese and dessert crepes.