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Ages: 9-14

Fee: $100


This class is designed to introduce the use of charcoal and eraser as drawing mediums. Throughout the semester students will be introduced to different concepts involved in drawing. From how to hold the charcoal to how to make lines, shapes and values, to create the illusion of 3D sketches. Also, students will learn about how to observe in order to sketch more accurate.

Students will learn and start to develop muscle memory, essential for drawing. At the beginning of every class we will dedicate about 5 minutes of exercises to develop our muscle memory. At times some of these exercises will be used to help develop our creativity and draw with the flow of the moment.

Example of an average class:

It will always start with warm up exercises.

Reasons: to loosen up, get more focus on the present moment and develop muscle memory.

Day’s topic: Tubes, boxes and triangles = the human body

Students will be introduced to how to simplify the human body into simple shapes. The idea is for them to learn to draw a figure from many angles, instead of being restricted to just copying an image and not learn much about the process.

Also they will be introduced to perspective, the importance of edges, composition, how to draw the human figure.

I do my best to try to keep student’s attention and engage on each project by not spending too much time in one subject, but instead revisiting each concept with new sketches.

List of materials

Newsprint or charcoal drawing pad. At least 11”x14”. If you can not find it, any drawing paper will work. No reason to spend money on expensive paper.

A stiff board to support the paper.

Vine charcoals soft, medium and hard. Medium is what we will use the most.

Charcoal pencils. I prefer the paper peel charcoal pencils, no need for sharpeners!

Kneaded eraser

Most of these items can be found locally at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Also at Dick Blick in Tampa.