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Ages: 7-11

Fee: $55 plus $40 non-refundable materials fee (please note there is no class on September 21st)


This performing arts class contains everything every young actor and actress will need to know about theater, from the beginners to the pros!

This in person arts class will teach students how to:

* Use clever and skilled body movements to craft a provocative scene

* Use tone of voice to relay emotion in a scene

* Use real life experience to help you in the performing arts

* Study the masters and use their performances as influences

* Get into character effortlessly

* Memorize scene work

* Create costumes and props with unlikely material (Creativity!!)

* Interact and have fun with your cast-mates while working on scenes

* Work as a cast to create a well-done scene (Teamwork!!!)

All of these principles and more to teach students how to interact with the real world through the performing arts.

**Just a reminder this is an 11 week class**

(Non-cooperative class)

Teacher Experience:

Skye Stockard (Me!!) has been working with the performing arts industry for 7 years (ongoing), volunteering with CCPACs “Introduction to Acting” class, as well as volunteering with a youth production of “The Wizard of Oz” helping with sets, stage design, and of course, helping the young individuals in the cast.

Along with these, I’ve also volunteered with Sears Studio at Country Day School for their youth production of “Frozen The Musical: Kids” helping with the lighting, which performed at FTC (Florida Theater Conference) in 2021.