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Ages: 6+, younger with parent participation

Fee: $85 plus $30 non-refundable materials fee 


Back by special request…

Calling all POKEMON fans!

Join MISS LISH for another fun semester full of crafts and craziness. We will jumpstart the semester by customizing our own wearable Pokemon gear, Pokemon (diorama) environment globes (always a favorite!), Pokeballs, endless evolution flippers, and sweet treat pocket monsters. We’ll dabble with paints and clay and perler beads; learn to draw our favorite characters; DIY our own custom Pokemon cards; tap into our imaginations to craft original stories; and so much more!

Pokemon fandom is not required, but it will enhance the class experience.

Come be part of the fun and help us CATCH ‘EM ALL!!

Please note: this is an *11 week* course
Cash is preferred
Checks: made payable to Alicia Prescott

Paypal: (friends and family, please)