Homeschool Co-Op Fall 2017

Registration Instructions – Please read carefully!

  1. Along with your children, read our schedule of classes and decide which classes each member of your family wants to take.
  2. The family registration fee of $35 is required.  This is your family fee for the semester, which covers insurance and site rental for HOP 🙂 Please note that the late registration fee is $50.
  3. Go down the list of class options and change numbers to indicate the number of people in your family that you are registering for each class listed. Be sure to do this carefully.
  4. Once you are sure you are done with this page, click the button at the bottom to continue the registration process.  You will be prompted to add your family information and then submit payment (either through Paypal or mailed check) on the following pages.
  5. Please note that HOP meets on Wednesdays.
  6. Registration fees are non-refundable unless the reason for a refund request is due to a significant change made by HOP.
  7. Registering for HOP requires agreeing to our Policies & Procedures, our Bullying & Harassment Policy and our Liability Waiver. Please read those pages now to speed up your registration process!
  8. After you have registered, sign up for a volunteer spot on our online Volunteer Sign-up Form. (Each registered family volunteers for one spot, which is a total of about 3 hours of volunteer time per semester).

What to do if you need to make a change to your existing registration

  • Registering your family for classes is a commitment; please review our Drop/Add policy here.
  • If you are adding classes with open spots, you can just register for those classes. You do not have to pay the registration fee again (just choose ‘Check’ as the payment method for additional registrations).
  • If you need to drop or wait-list classes, please use our drop & waitlist form.


  • Registration with a mobile device DOES NOT WORK. We recommend registering on a desktop or laptop computer. Folks who have tried mobile devices have run into many errors. Plus, it’s easier to type in all of your contact information with a real keyboard 🙂
  • Javascript is required for the registration form to function properly. If you get errors, you may need to enable javascript or turn off an adblocker. If javascript is enabled and you have no adblockers running, please try a Private Browsing window (see below).
  • We recommend submitting the registration form quickly without leaving it open for extended periods. The longer the registration page is open, the more likely is the chance of technical errors.
  • If you receive any timeout errors please try opening a Private Browsing window. This feature is available in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.