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Before HOP 9:10 – 9:50
5K Running Class (all ages)

1st Period 10:00 – 10:55
Crafting: Imagination Station (6-11)
Crystal Knowledge (13+)
Elementary Math Through Literature, Projects and Creativity (5-9)
Fun with Physics (10+)
Hip Hop (7+)
I Like to Move it: MUSIC! (4-8)
Mad Science – Crazy Chemworks and Crime Support(6-12)
Mock Combat 1 (5-10)
Traditional Survival Skills (8-12)
Volleyball & Soccer (10-18)

2nd Period 11:05 – 12:00
Archery Combat (10+)
Art Inside and Outside the box (9+)
Dodgeball & Kickball too (10-18)
Cooking Co-op (8-12)
Jeet Kune Do – The Martial Arts of Bruce Lee (6-13)
Learn to Fly (14+)
Math in a Nutshell (13+)
Musical Theater Jazz (4-8)
Pokemon Craze (6+)
Super Duper STEM Class (5-13)
Theater Arts (7-12)
Wild Discovery (7-11)

3rd Period 12:45-1:40
Crochet/Loom (8+)
Dungeons & Dragons: Novice Adventurers (9+)
Etsy Crafting (12+)
Learn to Fly (10-13)
Making Make-Believe: Creative Story Retelling and Fun (5-9)
Mission Possible: Team Building (10+)
Mock Combat 2 (11+)
PE & Team Sports (10-18)
Read the Stories of the Holocaust (14-18)
The Royal Game (8+)
Toddler Time (3-5)

4th Period 1:50-2:45
Dungeons and Dragons with Zaine (8+)
Exploring Incredible Florida: History, Culture, Nature and Fun! (6-13)
Hockey Open Play (8-14)
Learn to Fly (10-13)
Learning Chess: The ABCs of the Game (6+)
Magic Tree House History (9-11)
NERF Combat (8-18)Crafting: Imagination Station (6-11)
PE & Games (5-10)
Teen Strategic Games (13+)
Toys You Can Craft (5+)

Crafting: Imagination Station (6-11)

5th Period 2:55 – 3:50
Legos! (5+)
Music! Ukulele, Guitar and Bucket Drums (7-12)
Teen Social (13+)
Wings of Fire Fanfiction (8+)



Ages: All
Fee: $50

We will take 12 weeks to go from walkers to runners. Every week we walk less and run more. This class is for all ages and parents. This is a 40 min class before 1st period. We will look for a 5K race to sign up for and run as a team before the Florida heat kicks in and the semester is over.


ARCHERY COMBAT (Rey Quiles for Heroic Health Group)
Ages: 10+
Fee: $95 plus $10 materials fee

Archery Combat class will be filled with games and archery lessons. The arrows are combat tested to ensure safety and keep it fun! This class is often led by students’ interests with games and some target practice available.

Payment Instructions: Cash, Check, Paypal to Heroic Health Group with teacher name, class, and student name on check or envelope/ transaction

Ages: 9 to adult
Fee: $90. $75/sibling plus $30/person non refundable materials fee
Email: Email: for payment

Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media.

Come join us this semester for art: painting, drawing, mixed media. Designed for beginners and intermediate. Advanced students are welcome.

This semester we will see how drawing helps your paintings. We will explore several different aspects and mediums of art which may include perspective, shading, shadows, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, charcoals, graphite, soft pastels, wood, paper, canvas, other items, etc.

Stay with the lesson or dive into your own artistic visions.

We will take an opportunity to view different famous artists in history, observe their style while asking all the questions.

Every student will be required to provide and bring to each class their own pencils, erasers and sketch/drawing pad (11”x14” preferred, anything smaller is welcomed). All other materials will be provided.

There will be 1-2 days of classes I won’t be able to attend. I will most likely have a substitute. The cost of the class reflects the missing class(es).

Payment methods accepted: cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle

You can reach me via phone/text 215-779-946nine or email HEATHERTSL @ yahoo dot com.

Ages: 8-12 (younger with parent participation)
Fee: $5

Let’s cook together! This class is a coop class taught by the families in the class. Each week a parent and student will teach the class how to cook or bake something. You can share just about anything – family favorite recipe, baking, cup cake decorating, etc. Anything food that can be done start to finish during class time

This is a great inexpensive class that can cover all sorts of great food ideas.

There will be a private Facebook group set up for the class, to discuss topics and bounce ideas off each other. Parents, you will be responsible for planning and teaching one class per child you have in the class. If you have 3 children in the class, you will teach 3 classes

Ages: 6-11
Fee: $70, $50 siblings. $25 materials fee per student, non-refundable.
Email: for payment

Come join us to make some unique and different crafts. This semester you will need to tap into your imagination in a new way. Each week I will bring new materials, supply a few ideas and some guidance. You will then be free to go wherever your inner creativeness and imagination take you. We are pulling out all stops!

There will be 1-2 days of classes I won’t be able to attend. I will most likely have a substitute. The cost of the class reflects the missing class(es).

Kids under 8 must be with parent.

Payment methods accepted: cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle

You can reach me via phone/text 215-779-946nine or email HEATHERTSL @ yahoo dot com. 

CROCHET/LOOM CLASS (Heather Smith-Levin)
Ages: 8 to adult
Fee: $70
Email: Email: for payment

Welcome! This is a crochet/loom class geared towards the beginner/Intermediate.

$70/person, materials available for learning and class projects. You are welcome to use the hooks, looms and yarn available or bring your hooks, looms and yarn for your own projects (like a hat on the loom or a Harry Potter scarf).

This semester we will also be learning how to use a basic knitting loom to make a beanie hat. You will bring your own yarn for your own project.

No prior experience needed, accepting students age 8-adult.

Bring a phone or device to watch YouTube. We will utilize tutorials individually to learn different techniques. I will be there to help you out, do in-person demonstrations and assist all of you.

Payment methods accepted: cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle

There will be 1-2 days of classes I won’t be able to attend. I will most likely have a substitute. The cost of the class reflects the missing class(es).

You can reach me via phone/text 215-779-946nine or email HEATHERTSL @ yahoo dot com

Ages: 13+ adults welcome
Fee: $85 plus $20 materials fee

This class we will learn to macramé bracelets with different crystals weekly , while learning the metaphysical and physical stone meanings . 

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (Zaine Pulliam)
Ages: 8-18
Fee: $60

D&D is a tabletop experience where you are a hero in a fantasy world going on quest. We are very beginner friendly. This game is great for using your creativity. 

Ages: 10-18
Fee: Cost: $80 if you take one of my classes, $140 if you take 2 of my classes, $200 if you take 3 of my classes, $255 if you take 4 of my classes, $305 if you take 5 of my classes. Teacher/Staff/Admin rate $40 per class. No half payments unless approved by Jump for Kids admin

Mostly weeks of Dodgeball fun! We will add in games of kickball as weather allows. 

Ages: 9-18
Fee: $90

Join exciting explorations of treacherous terrain while honing your critical thinking and public speaking skills! Work together with other students to solve puzzles and make the best decisions based on your circumstances. If your decision had an unforeseen consequence, what would you do next?

This adventure is meant for players completely new to DND. We will teach them everything they need to know to play the game. Both D&D classes with me will enjoy the same rich storyline.

Ages: 5-9
Fee: $80 plus $20 materials fee

In this class we will be exposed to elementary math concepts in a fun and creative way. We will read entertaining and educational math stories that will provide the inspiration for further exploration. We will use hands-on manipulatives and art supplies to practice math concepts before moving to dry erase boards or other ways of practicing. This class will be for foundational math concepts using tangrams, pattern blocks, 3-D Shapes, Clocks, Money, and even Food. Come and join the fun so you can become a super mathematician! Note: students older than 9 who might need additional work with foundational math concepts are welcome to sign up.

Ages: 12 to adult
Fee: $70 plus $10 materials fee (non-refundable)
Email: for payment

This is an in-person class for ages 12 and up. Come join us to make some unique and different crafts. Etsy style. I received a donation of a lot of materials from Stampin’ Up. Stamps, ink, paper. We will be making personalized cards, letterhead, envelopes, and other paper products. We will also be doing other crafts during the semester. Your imagination will be key for this class. 

There will be 1-2 days of classes I won’t be able to attend. I will most likely have a substitute. The cost of the class reflects the missing class(es). 

Payment methods accepted: cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle. You can reach me via phone/text 215-779-946nine or email HEATHERTSL @ yahoo dot com.

Ages: 6-13
Fee: $80 plus $20 materials fee (non-refundable)

In this class we will take a deeper look into the incredible State of Florida and find out what is right in our own backyard! We will start by discovering what it was like when the first inhabitants lived here and how Florida has changed over the years. We will study about the plants and animals who also live in this great state. We will investigate seashells and amazing sea creatures such as the Manatee & Dolphins. Oh, and we can’t forget about the Alligators, Sea Turtles, and incredible birds that live here as well. We will also discover ways to keep our waterways clean and how we can help protect the animals who live here. This class will use a variety of activities and materials such as paints, play-dough, markers, crayons, seashells, and much more. So, grab your binoculars, your curiosity & creativity and let’s learn about Florida through the eyes of a native. Yes, that’s me! 🙂

Ages: 10+
Fee: $75 plus $25 materials fee (non-refundable)

This class with touch on 10 basic concepts of Physics. We will do a

different experiment each week with 2 weeks that the kids will get to

decide on the experiment they want to do. Here are the other 10:

1. Simple Machines – How everyday objects make life easier Experiment

with Pulleys

2. Transferring energy – Experiment: Ball Launcher Challenge

3. Conservation of Energy and Momentum – Experiment: Slip Sliding Away:

Experimenting with Friction

4. Motion and Forces – Experiment: Motion Mania: Applying Physics to


5. Swing Low: Investigate the Motion of a Pendulum

6. Lasers – A laser is just a device that emits light, but it is

different from light bulbs or LEDs. So, what makes them different?

7. Electricity – Completing a Circuit

8. Rainbow fireworks – Making your own sparklers to see the visual


9. Magnetism – Levitating Magnets: Floating Isn’t Just for Magicians

10. Gravity & Waves Mechanics – Outer Space, The Silent Frontier:

An Experiment on Sound Waves

HIP HOP (Miranda Heitz)
Ages: 7+
Fee: $100

This class will have students learning all kinds of hip hop dance steps and dance routines in a fun creative environment. Miss Miranda has been teaching Hip Hop since the 90’s and has a way of teaching kids so that they feel comfortable and understand how to creatively express themselves. Dancers also learn about being positive, confidence, teamwork and physical fitness. Hope to see you there!

Ages: 8-14
Fee: $25

Welcome to the wonderful world of Street Hockey! During this class we will PLAY! We will have a variety of games including but not limited to scrimmages and shootouts. All equipment will be provided for class.

Ages: 4-8, 3 with parent participation
Fee: $90

Does your child want to learn an instrument one day? This class will give them a head start by teaching the basics to music theory and rhythm through movement and games. 

Ages: 6-13
Fee: $89 plus $15 materials (non-refundable)

Jeet Kune Do is the Art and Philosophy of the late Bruce Lee (Lee Jun Fan) and is his system of personal development. He believed a martial artist should “Be like water” and move fluidly without hesitation. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. This system works on the use of different ‘tools’ for different situations. These situations are broken down into ranges (Kicking, Punching, Trapping and Grappling), with techniques flowing smoothly between them. The system’s goal is to teach the student to use their body more efficiently not only for self defense but in everyday life. 

A student will also develop higher levels of personal discipline, determination, self‐confidence and focus, through this martial art training.

MJ Colli is a Senior level instructor with over 22 years of teaching experience highlighted by teaching at a world renowned Martial Arts school in Princeton, NJ. She has assisted during Martial Arts seminars in the Europe and the United States. She strongly believes in Martial Arts as a transformative process.

Students will gain focus, discipline, as well as confidence. The skills and character development will carry over into all aspects of their lives. These values are the essence of true martial arts and the warrior spirit.

We will have one week off from classes. To be announced at a later date.

LEARN TO FLY (Joey-Jett Vicens)
Ages: 10-13 (2 periods), 14+
Fee: $90

For beginner classes, the goal is to develop important “aerial muscles” through basic inversions, tricks, skills, and poses, where we will focus on building core, upper body, and grip strength. Developing trust with the fabric, awareness of where your own body is, and balance are also key focal points when beginning your aerial practice, so we will be addressing all of these throughout each class.

At the end of the semester we will do a showcase at Gypseaair in Tarpon Springs to show of your new skills to family and friends.

Ages: 6 and up
Fee: $50

A Course for Beginner and Novice Players

This class is for those who want to learn the game and for those who know the basics but want to learn a bit more. The class will cover the basics, the rules, terminology, history and customs of the game.

Each class is composed of a lesson portion and a play portion. Chess is a game, LET’S PLAY!

LEGOS!!! (Elizabeth Priest (Kai)
Ages: 5-99
Fee: $70 plus $30 materials fee (non-refundable)

Let’s get building with Legos! Every week the kids will get to build and play with Legos! I’ll have classic Lego games, free play, motorized/coding projects, challenges, individual and team builds, and whatever else we imagine! Builds won’t go home every week, but we’ll take pictures! At the end of the semester, every student will receive a Lego set to take home and keep. Some Lego building experience is preferred, but not required.

Ages: 6-12
Fee: $150 + $25 materials fee (non-refundable)

In Crazy Chemworks junior chemists will get to see what it’s like to work in a real “lab”. Delve into the world of atoms, unravel the “H” in pH and make SLIME and experiment with polymers. You will make bubbling potions while changing states of matter and uncover the chemistry of “glowing”. They will also be in a “sticky” situation as they unlock the mystery to what makes things “cling”, and see that “actions” really do result in reactions. Chemistry will never be so much fun!

You will build upon our understanding of chemistry to develop forensic and crime solving skills. You use new devices to collect & record your evidence and solve crimes and then experiment with electrochemical reactions, create chemical compounds and make your own “brain goo”! Along the way to becoming a Crime scene expert you will also work with chemical bonds, discover conductivity, and make your own invisible ink to take home.

Ages: 9-11
Fee: $75 plus $25 materials fee (non-refundable)

Us the Magic Tree House books, Fact Trackers and curriculum developed by the author to read and explore different times in history.

The Developed Curriculum has a “backpack” collection for books 1 – 4 and 5 – 8 and we will go for doing those (depending on size of class we will see how many books we can get through in the 12 week period). If the learners have all already ready some of them, we may skip them.

Example of in class activities, for the first book Dinosaurs Before Dark, I will bring in some clay for each learner to be able to make a dinosaur, we will also collect twigs, grass and stuff from outside and glue to a paper. I will bring several other books about the time to explore what we know (and maybe some learners who want to share some facts).

For The Knight at Dawn there are several fun ideas, including drawing out castles, and I will bring in a scale so we can find out how heavy the knights helmet is (40 lbs).

Each learner will need to have copies of the magic Tree House books, ideally through book 8 (these can be gotten from the library as well).

We will do some reading during the class, depending on how much the learners are enjoying it there may be some assignments sent home. We will review the Fact Trackers book in class which I will share with the learners.

Ages: 5-9
Fee: $80 plus $20 materials (non-refundable)

In this class, we will enjoy award winning picture books before finding creative ways to express ourselves and enrich our love of literature. We will explore the world of story time using super cool activities to help with retelling a story. Turn yourself into a character or put on a puppet show on your very own stage! This class offers story time, creative writing, interactive games, art projects, costumes, puppets, and more! Research shows that being able to retell stories increases comprehension skills and understanding of topics presented. Note: Activities will be modified as needed for the age range and abilities in the class. 

Ages: 13+
Fee: $75 plus $25 materials (non-refundable)

This will be an experiment based math class. Math is the universal language. Everyone can speak it. Numbers are as natural to us as words. We are just more comfortable with words cuz well we use them more… like right now ?. Over the semester we are going to take a walk through the basic language of Math. Talk about Mathematical concepts in the world around us. No homework is required and each class is a stand-alone concept. Math prerequisite is a working knowing of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and an idea how fractions work and you’ll be good to go.

Week 1: Reviewing the basics through fractions. What basic math did the ancients knew? What tools and equations did they use to build?

Week 2: What is Pi? And why haven’t they found the end of its digits. The Golden Ratio – A ratio of lengths that appear in math, nature and art. Pythagoreans and Pythagoras’s Theorem – algebra’s basic concept

Week 3: Who is Euclid? And why was his book ‘Euclid’s Elements of Geometry’ the most popular math book and only second in printing to the bible for over 2,000 years. What replaced it?

Week 4: The fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, factoring and prime numbers. What is a prime number? The sum of all angles is 180 degrees. Can you prove it?

Week 5: Trigonometry is concreted with calculating sides of triangles from angles. Early development as mainly for astronomy. This was the basis of nautical navigation. How did the ancients do it?

Week 6: twisted shapes – the Mobius Strip and the Klein bottle

Week 7: Did you know there are only 17 Wallpaper Patterns? It’s true and we will learn how to prove it.

Week 8: fractals what are they and why are they so cool?

Week 9: Chaos Theory and Catastrophe theory and what does “reaching the tipping point” mean?

Week 10: The Prisoners Dilemma (aka Game Theory) yup you knew it – math is the basis of all you video games.

Week 11: How today’s modern games use “The Prisoners Dilemma”. We’ll look at several popular games and I’ll show you how the math flows for their game theory

Week 12: What basic math is covered on the GED? What concepts do I need to know to pass it? Guess what you’ve already learned most of them this semester.

Ages: 10+
Fee: $74

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come together to overcome the challenges set before you. Each week the team will be presented with a new scenario that will require teamwork, communication, creative problem solving, empathy, group decision making, persistence, and out of the box thinking to conquer. Challenges are expertly crafted and facilitated to help students grow and develop their skills and themselves with each activity. Not unlike biceps, these mental “muscles” require exercise and conditioning to become “strong”. Some activities will challenge participants physical, others mentally, and yet others emotionally. Most will engage all three.

MOCK COMBAT 1 and 2 (Rey Quiles for Heroic Health Group)
Ages: 5-10, 11+
Fee: $85 plus $10 materials (non-refundable)

Are you ready for some MOCK COMBAT? We’re all about the exciting & challenging contact sport of foam fighting! Arm yourself with foam weapons and defense gear, including swords, shields, bows, spears, and more—then pick up skills and enjoy some excellent medieval and Norse-inspired games! Some history of warfare, weapons, civilization, and a lot of fun! All weapons will be provided. Cups and helmets encouraged but not required. Rey Quiles, will facilitate sessions where your child will have the opportunity to boost creativity, build confidence, and engage in teamwork sports. 

Paypal email:

Ages: 7-12
Fee: $85 plus $15 materials (non-refundable)

Students will receive introductory lessons on each instrument which will include how to read music, tablature, and music notes. Students will be taught as a group and then broken into smaller groups for individual instruction. Towards the end of the semester, students can choose their favorite instrument and jam with other students as a band!

Students are preferred to have their own guitar or ukulele. I do have some instruments for use but please reach out to me for resources. I have many ways to get you an instrument affordably! I will provide everything needed for bucket drums.

Mr. Currier has been teaching music for over 22 years which includes band, chorus, general music, saxophone, flute, clarinet, guitar, ukulele, trumpet, trombone, drums, piano, and bass. He currently holds a FLDOE Professional Teacher Certification in Music K-12. He also held a State Of Connecticut Teacher Certification in Music K-12. 

Ages: 4-8
Fee: $100

Students will learn Broadway themed choreography from all styles of musical theatre. This class is designed for dramatic students that want to learn a combination of beginner musical theatre acting, dance, ballet technique, and jazz steps, in multiple Broadway show styles.

NERF COMBAT (Rey Quiles for Heroic Health Group)
Ages: 8-18
Fee: $85 plus $10 materials (non-refundable)

NERF Combat class will be filled with games and scenarios from history and imagination. We will play Capture the Flag and have black powder pistol duels. We will have modern combat games and black powder musket formations. NERF darts will be provided –please bring your Nerf guns to class!

Paypal email:

Ages: 5-10
Fee: $80 if you take one of my classes, $140 if you take 2 of my classes, $200 if you take 3 of my classes, $255 if you take 4 of my classes, $305 if you take 5 of my classes. Teacher/Staff/Admin rate $40 per class. No half payments unless approved by Jump for Kids admin 

K-5th group PE and games class

Jump for Kids will offer an p.e. class for elementary school age students. Taught by a certified and professional personal trainer, Jeff Pope. We will focus on games Hop scotch, relay races, tap, running laps, red light green light, knocker-ball, cone agility courses, running with parachutes, tire pulling, soccer, dodgeball, squats, caterpillar running, freeze dance, shadow tag, cart wheels, back-to-back, do-the-hop, don’t drop the ball and a free play day.

This class welcomes all fitness levels. Everyone starts somewhere and we would love to help you start or continue your fitness journey.

Ages: 10-18
Fee: $80 if you take one of my classes, $140 if you take 2 of my classes, $200 if you take 3 of my classes, $255 if you take 4 of my classes, $305 if you take 5 of my classes. Teacher/Staff/Admin rate $40 per class. No half payments unless approved by Jump for Kids admin 

Jump for Kids-“PT Academy” program will offer a  p.e. class for Middle and High school school age students. Taught by a certified and professional personal trainer, Jeff Pope. We will focus on team sports games such as basketball, soccer, dodge-ball, capture the flag, ultimate freebee, flag football, volleyball, basketball, volleyball, kickball, badminton & Bocce Ball.

This class welcomes all fitness levels. If you have an athletic kid younger than the age group feel free to sign them up. Everyone starts somewhere and we would love to help you start or continue your fitness journey.

POKEMON CRAZE! (Alicia Prescott)
Ages: 6+ (younger with parental participation)
Fee: $50 plus $55 materials fee (non-refundable)

Calling all Pokemon fans… class is back for another exciting semester filled with fun games, crazy crafts, and hands-on projects. We’ll have lots of new adventures and, of course, we’ll be bringing back some fan favorites like decorating our own wearable gear, customized Poke-cards, kaleidoscope flippers, the ever popular “Environment Balls”, and SO MUCH MORE!! This in-person class is priced for 11 classes, to allow for the unexpected. 

Ages: 14-18
Fee: $85

We will read through some of the books written about the Holocaust, I will present a collection of books for the learners to pick from. Each learner will be expected to get a copy of the book (either purchase or from the library) and will be given weekly targets to read at home.

During class we will discuss what was read, answer any questions they might have and I will offer questions to hopefully make them think.

We will pick from the following books (first class the learners will vote on their favorites):

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman

Courage & Defiance by Deborah Hopkinson

To Hop and Back by Kathy Kacer

Irena’s Children by Irena Sendler

The Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio Iturbe

Man’s Search for Meaning by Vikton Franki

Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

The Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb

Night by Eli Wiesel

Salt To The Sea by Ruta Sepetys

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

Terezin: Voices from the Holocaust by Ruth Thomson

We Had to be Brace by Deborah Hopkinson

The Year of Goodbyes by Debbie Levy

If we finish book discussion we will then do vocabulary type games, like Scrabble and Apples to Apples.

Ages: 5-13
Fee: $80 plus $25 materials (non-refundable)

Have you ever wanted to make a marble run with a loop in it? Have you thought about designing a maze out of candy? Did you ever wish to participate in an egg drop competition, or make a bridge out of popsicle sticks? Are you interested in what airplane design will fly best? Or how tall you can build a structure with only what is provided for you? Well then you have come to the right place! The SUPER-DUPER STEM CLASS! 

This fabulously fun STEM (SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATH) class combines creative invention with the excitement of friendly competition. Each week will vary, and students will work independently, with partners, or in groups on numerous challenges, engaging designs, and thought-provoking activities all while having fun and expanding your thinking capacity! You will also learn how trial and error has spurred innovation over the course of history. Hope you will join my STEM class to become the greatest critical thinker you can be!

TEEN SOCIAL (Kamila Fix)
Ages: 13+
Fee: $25

This class is for teens to socialize and discuss topics that are important to them. If they do not have a topic of conversation for any particular week, I will help guide them to a theme such as current events, relationships, the importance of being mindful, and many more. I will encourage debate and challenges to the topic while guiding the student(s) in accepting another person’s point of view without hostility and judgment. There will be no requirement to participate in the conversation.

Our 12th class will be a potluck hangout!  Please bring an item to share.  We can keep the conversation open and just hang out together. I will not be there this week, but another adult or two will join you.

*If you have a pre-teen please reach out to me at the Meet & Greet or at

Ages: 13+
Fee: $50

Come play some strategic games like Werewolf, Dead Last and Avalon to name a few. Most games we will play will be deceptive with the winner taking all! Students must be comfortable with this type of play; it’s all for fun. Sometimes we may break up into groups and do some “speed” games with everyone switching stations. But the class will be geared towards what the students want to play, so some games will likely be repeated.

Parents – some themes are mature and there are “violent” kill cards in some games. In some cases, Students will work together to eliminate other players, but I do monitor the game to make sure it is a strategic move and no one is getting eliminated for any other reason.

THE ROYALE GAME (Eric Clemenson)
Ages: 8 and up
Fee: $75

Students will be introduced to the ancient game of chess and discover strategies like zugzwang and the “Greek Gift”.

Each class will be composed of a learning portion (lesson) and a free play period where students get to put to use what they’ve learned, after all, chess is a game and should be enjoyed.

In addition, for ambitious players, information will be supplied on resources they can use to make additional progress in their game. Chess is an open ended learning experience, there’s always something more to learn!

Chess is suitable for all ages. I have taught students aged 5 to 70. 

THEATER ARTS (Michael P. Cote)
Ages: 7-12
Fee: $75

This class for 7-12 year olds will cover beginning theater including basic stage directions, memorization techniques, simple character development and show production. Class will work towards the goal of presenting what they have learned during the semester in the end of year talent show. I am a certified Theater teacher in Pinellas County, a registered substitute for all grades and taught part-time in Dunedin High Schools theater dept. for 2+ years. I am President/Creative Director for Dunedin Showcase Theater and co-director for DST Kid’s Division. I am a published playwright and have had my shows produced from New England to Florida to California. I have been in the Entertainment Industry for over 35 years.

TODDLER TIME (Emily Young)
Ages: 3-5
Fee: $50

Join me for some toddler fun! Each week will consist of story time and a corresponding age appropriate craft. This semester we will also add in learning our numbers and letters. We will fill the remaining time with songs! I’m a responsible 11 year old that’s been attending HOP for 4 years and I’m excited to be back for another semester of Toddler Time!

TOYS YOU CAN CRAFT (Alicia Prescott)
Ages: 5+ (younger allowed with parental participation)
Fee: $55 plus $15 materials fee (non-refundable)

Come craft with me… Each class we will create a fun toy that you can take home to play with! Ages 5+ (younger allowed with parental participation).

This in-person class is priced for 11 classes, to allow for the unexpected. 

Ages: 8-12
Fee: $87

Learn the tricks and techniques used by people throughout history to survive the harshest conditions and provide for their needs. Early people and explorers wouldn’t have lasted long without these skills we’ll be trying our hands at such as fire starting, knot tying, foraging, orienteering, stalking, shelter building, whittling, and projectile hunting. This class will meet at nearby Hammock Park 3 minutes away, rather than at the church, for the sake of hands-on learning. Damon has been safely teaching these skills to students of all ages for more than 25 years.

**Please note this class will take place at Hammock Park, a 3 minute drive from the HOP location. 

Ages: 10-18
Fee: $80 if you take one of my classes, $140 if you take 2 of my classes, $200 if you take 3 of my classes, $255 if you take 4 of my classes, $305 if you take 5 of my classes. Teacher/Staff/Admin rate $40 per class. No half payments unless approved by Jump for Kids admin 

Odd weeks Volleyball, even weeks Soccer. Week 1 VB, Week 2 Soccer etc…

WILD DISCOVERY (Damon Chepren)
Ages: 7-11
Fee: $87

Have fun exploring the natural world as we seek out the flora and fauna of Florida, from megafauna to microscopic, and use our discoveries to learn about ecosystems, classification, adaptation, life cycles, symbiotic relationships, and conservation through inquiry-based learning. This class will meet at nearby Hammock Park 3 minutes away, rather than at the church, for the sake of environmental studies. Plan to get your feet wet and your hands dirty as this class is all about getting out and immersing ourselves in nature. Activities will include dip netting, water testing, hiking, catch and release sampling, animal encounters, and just plain nature discovery. Each week will have a theme, but our learning will be driven by what we find along the way.

**Please note this class will take place at Hammock Park, a 3 minute drive from the HOP location. 

Ages: 8 and up
Fee: $90 plus $10 materials (non-refundable)

Do you love Wings of Fire? Do you have a great idea for a new tribe or maybe a new character for the series? This is Wings of Fire fanfiction. Fan fiction writers create new worlds and stories based on well-known characters and stories from pop culture. In this class each student will be writing their own fanfiction based on the Wings of Fire book series by Tui T. Sutherland. Throughout this semester each student will create their own tribe, character, prophecy, map, and story. Students should have read at least the first book in the series because we will be discussing elements from the book in class. All materials including a notebook and pencils will be provided. Students will be responsible for bringing their notebook to every class. No homework will be assigned, but some projects may need to be finished at home. We wish you all the power of the Wings of Fire!!!