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Ages: 9+

Fee: $90


Let’s get our Yoga on! Join Lisa Dryden, Certified 200 Hour Yoga Instructor, for these AWESOME Educational themed Yoga Classes. Each week we will focus on new topics, including: PARTNER YOGA: Participants will work in pairs/groups to explore yoga postures, learning to balance and support each other; YOGA FOR SPORTS & ATHLETICS: A focus will be on the physical benefits of yoga for sports, esp. to prevent injury; SHOULDER YOGA: focusing on shoulders, releasing tension, building strength, and opening the chest for better posture; BUILDING BALANCE: Explore balance, and practice staying centered when faced with challenges on and off the mat; YOGRAPHY: we will travel the world using yoga postures to learn about nature, geography, & cultures across the continents.

A great level of detail will be given describing the postures presented in class insuring adequate knowledge of alignment. This class is designed for those new to yoga, as well as seasoned Yogis!