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UNIQUE CRAFTS 2 (Kerry Dalto)

Ages: 9+

Fee: $90 plus $35 non-refundable materials fee


We are going to learn some really beautiful and interesting new crafts this semester! Some of the projects we have planned are:

* basket weaving

* macrame wall hanging

* string art on wooden boards

* safety pin bracelets

* batik dyed t-shirts

* paper marbling and collage

Please bring 1 pre-washed white cotton t-shirt to dye on our batik dyeing day. The string art project will involve hammering nails into wood. Students are encouraged to do their own hammering and assistance will be provided as needed. Most of the projects will span 2 classes. Therefore, students are encouraged to attend all classes so they can participate fully.

Come dressed for mess, and let’s have some fun!