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Ages: 5+

Fee: $100 


Welcome! This semester we will read the “Who is …” books and share with each other what we find. (Sharing is NOT mandatory). 

This is truly a class for all ages. The older students will have an opportunity to learn about many important figures in current times and in history with easy-to-read books. Those who are younger will be entertained with hearing about fun facts we will share. 

This will also be an opportunity for parents to read these books to their kids. All discussions will include visuals with a little geography lesson and mini history lesson as we locate each of these figures around the world and in time. 

We will break the semester down into 3-4 sections: 

Presidents – deceased and living 

World Rulers – deceased and living 

Historical figures in America 

Historical figures around the rest of the world. 

Modern figures 

We will have the books we will be reading as a class. In addition, students will be encouraged to read as many of these books as they want and share a few fun facts with the class (not mandatory). 

Cost: $100.00 for this semester. Drop-ins welcome for $11.00. 

Venmo – HTSL500@ 

Paypal – @Heather-Smith-Levin

Zelle – 215-779-94 69, Heather Smith-Levin