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WORLD TOUR ISLAND 5-10 (Kelly Wix – Challenge Island)

Ages: 5-10

Fee: $175


Welcome to Challenge Island, a cross-curricular program that provides STEAM focused challenges that integrate 21st century skills by providing an environment in which each child can develop their social and emotional skills, critical for maneuvering in today’s global and complex environment. We give meaning to academics by providing opportunities for our students to practice and apply those skills learned in the school environment. Join us this next semester, as we travel around the world, touring our planet through World Tour Island.

World Tour Island

Pack your suitcases, we’re going on a World Tour. From the North of our planet to the South and from East to West, each stop on our tour will bring new and exciting challenges that incorporate characteristics unique to each location. Each challenge is designed to give each student the precious opportunity to connect with their peers face-to-face, and engage in collaborative, inquiry based, student-driven learning, grounded in real world connections, and meaningful problem-solving. The engineering challenges will include geography, history, language, math, and science, in a fun, creative environment filled with collaboration, music and STEAM!

WTI – World Tour Island

§  WTI Lesson 1 – Hot Air Balloon Lift-off, based on “Around the World in 80 days” by Jules Verne

§  WTI Lesson 2 – Paris France Eiffel Tower

§  WTI Lesson 3 – Antarctic Iceberg

§  WTI Lesson 4 – African Animal Safari

§  WTI Lesson 5 – Rio de Janeiro Maracana Stadium

§  WTI Lesson 6 – Tel Aviv Water Pipeline

§  WTI Lesson 7 – Sydney Harbor Bridge

§  WTI Lesson 8 – Washington DC White House

§  WTI Lesson 9 – Taj Mahal, Agra India, simple machines

§  WTI Lesson 10- Galapagos Island Hop

§  WTI Lesson 11- Bangok, Thailand, Elephant Sanctuary

§  WTI Lesson 12- Shanghai, China, Chinese New Year, Dragon Coaster

If you have questions please contact us at We provide all materials.