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Intro to Film-making (Hallie James-Booth)

Ages: 13+

Fee: $100; $85 sibling discount


We all love watching movies, but have you ever wanted to be a part of making them, or just understanding what makes a film really stand out among the rest? This class will be a prerequisite to an optional filmmaking class I hope to offer next semester, but it can also be a stand alone class for those who just want to have fun watching movies and learning about what goes into them.

Each week we will cover a different area of filmmaking and watch a clip or more of a film (or films) to showcase that aspect. Then we will have a class discussion of what we liked (or didn’t like) about that film related to the topic of the week. By the end of the semester, you will know how to properly critique the films you watch.

I will keep all clips age-appropriate, and will email parents about what films we viewed scenes from, and the ratings, if they want to watch in entirety at home and discuss together as a family.

So bring your brains, and maybe some popcorn or other snack, and get ready to learn the many sides that go into making a great film.

I may accept preteens (11/12) into the class after speaking with parents and making sure the class would be a good fit.

Accepted payment methods:

Cash, check, PayPal: Hallie James-Booth (please select friends and family), or Zelle: 7273366908 Zachary James-Booth