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Find Your Artistic Style (8-16) (Michelle Sasha)

Ages: 8-16

Fee: $100 plus $50 non refundable materials fee


As an artist who has created a career and business based in created custom art for people and companies, I have learned lots of different styles and techniques. I am constantly asked to adapt to a specific idea of what my clients want and I have developed an extensive artistic vocabulary. Throughout my journey as an artist, I have struggled to find my own style, and it was only years into experimenting with so many different styles or types of art, that I found my personal style. I believe that it takes lots of experimentation and variety of work that will lead an artist to their own personal style. It takes lots of practice and lots of activity to finally have the “ah-ha” moment. Many artists also just gravitate to one style, and become comfortable in it without exploration of other styles that could elevate their own personal brand or style. I will be providing a variety of art projects and exercises to create art in class that will broaden the students artistic experience and hopefully lead them to finding their personal style or at least get them working in that direction.

This class will be $100 per child, with $50 in supplies.