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Juggling Stix 101 (Nicole Silvers)

Ages: 7-adult

Fee: $80 plus $50 non refundable materials fee


Learn the basics of how to use juggling sticks, a circus art that consists of manipulating one stick, or baton, between two other sticks, one held in each hand. We will start off slow and learn the basics and then move at a comfortable pace as tricks get more fun and impressive. I learned everything I know from one of the best and I’m looking forward to sharing what I learned with you!

A quality set of juggling sticks is important, and I was able to source the best of the best at a heavy discount for a cost of $50 each which is what I am setting my materials fee at. I’m asking that the materials fee be paid upon registration so that I am sure to have everyone sticks here by the first day of class. If this presents a hardship to you please contact me. Let’s have some fun!