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Ages: 6-12

Fee: $160 plus $35 non-refundable materials fee


Students will have the opportunity to explore the exciting topics of matter, energy & engineering. They will investigate the different states of matter, learn all about chemical reactions and make a functioning catapult! Students will unravel how electricity is produced and investigate light and lasers. All sessions include exciting hands-on experiments and cool take homes.

Matter of Fact

Investigate the ingredients of the universe! Build molecule models! Play Alchemist by turning a nickel into gold (well, almost) and use our secret formula to make your very own Mad Science Putty!

Energy Burst!

Explore the energy of motion (potential versus kinetic energy) with cars and catapults. Check out our Spring Things™ and build rubber band-powered rattlesnake eggs to scare your friends.

Dry Ice

Explore the 3 states of matter. Turn water to ice in seconds and build a giant bubbling potion! Create some dry ice bubbles and end with a spooky fog effect. Students take home a Thermochromatic Cup™!

Acids & Bases

Uncover the secrets of chemistry and the effects acids and bases have on our daily lives. Learn to test for acid rain, make your own fire extinguisher, and watch as a film canister pop using an acid and a base!

Playing With Polymers

This session demystifies a most beneficial molecule – Polymers! Investigate this slippery kind of science making various reactions including snow, magic mud and Polymer Bouncy Balls to take home!

Seeking Our Senses

Explore all five senses. Test your vision with optical illusions, find your blind spot. Discover how hearing works and put your taste buds to the test!

Electricity & Lasers

Test various materials for conductivity with space-age plasma balls. Discover light, colors, with Laser special effects & create illusions, Compete in a friendly game of Laser Limbo and end with a dance party!

Super Power Sources

Explore electricity; learn what it is, where it comes from and how we produce it. Discover the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy resources, and what it all means for the future of electricity in our ever modernizing civilization.

Machine Mania 1 & 2 – Investigate the world of simple machines as you learn that machines are helpful for work AND play! Assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults and micro-pinchers! Use the machines you create to feed yourself and launch ping-pong balls! Operating your simple machines will make work seem like play.

Jr. Engineers 1 & 2 – Structures are all around you, everywhere you look and everywhere you go! Inspect the elements of structures as you build and test. Build a Soma cube puzzle that may even stump your parents!