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Show Me The Money (Heather Trowbridge)

Ages: 11+

Fee: $85

Money isn’t everything, but it sure is something! Join us as we learn more about our relationship with money – and how we can make it work with us instead of against us! Imagine how much happier you would be if you could tell your money what to do rather than it telling you what to do. The key is to start NOW. We’ll cover the basics of personal finance, including why use money, what we give up to earn or spend money, how marketers trick us into spending money, types of savings accounts, why credit cards must be avoided, and how our values tie into our financial plans. Each topic will include an interactive lesson/discussion, an activity, and a take home sheet [so parents know what is being taught]. We’ll also be playing games like Jeopardy and Kahoot to review what we’ve learned. When we’re done, you’ll be better prepared to make financial decisions now and for the rest of your life. There’s no one way to do finances so we’ll discuss various options and leave the choice up to the person it affects: you! Payment is accepted via cash or through Venmo [@hltrow811] or PayPal [] as a payment to friends and family only.

Note: This class is similar to last semester’s but with fewer topics [no insurance for example] and more of a deep dive into the most relevant topics so students can engage more with the material.