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Tween Trends – Slime, Social & Crafts (Genevieve Cleckner, Belle Gold & Savannah Stockard)

Ages:  8-13

Fee: $50 plus $70 non refundable materials fee


Are you an 8-13 year old who loves all things trendy?! Then this is the class for you! Tween Trends will be a class taught by 3 of your peers!

First up is SLIME! Genevieve Cleckner will teach you how to make a new type of slime each week for the first 5 weeks – glossy, butter, bingsu, and snow – with a friendly slime battle on the last week. We will rotate themes and get to play with all sorts of mix-ins, charms, etc.

Next up, we will take a break from getting messy and Belle Gold will teach 2 weeks of Tik-Tok style DANCING and making YouTube-style video shorts!

Then the last 5 weeks will be wrapped up with Savannah Stockard teaching you how to CRAFT! We will make lots of different types of bracelets – clay beads, loom weaving, and safety pin bracelets, plus we’ll make sugar scrubs, and wrap up the semester by decorating our own Stanley-style cups. What could be more trendy than that?!

It will be a semester FULL of trendy fun with our friends!

Parents, please note…for the slime, we will be using ingredients such as glue, boron-based activator, and other household chemicals like soaps, shaving creams, clay, fake snow, etc. We will also be using food dyes and will do our best to source plant-based/all natural with no harmful artificial colorants.

For payments…please, send electronically via:

Venmo – @GoBigOrStayHome


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