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Action Committee

The HOP action committee was created in response to the ongoing need for consistent support in the resolution of HOP community issues. Also to answer and clarify questions from families in regards to policy and procedures.

Action Committee members: Kim Polce, Sandi Lefebvre, Debbie Pulliam, Laura Kiley and Taraneh Cocco.

This committee holds the following values and beliefs:

Conflict is an expected, most often resolvable part of any community of humans that gather consistently

Peaceful, timely, effective resolution is the goal

Conflict/Misunderstandings are seen as an opportunity for growth and for our kids to witness effective community involvement and trust building through such exchanges

Our goal is to hold a safe space for these exchanges to occur with the ultimate goal of continuing to support this amazing co-op experience

Through the effective resolution of issues that arise, we get to learn to embrace our differences and learn from each other

What we do in a nut shell
Committee meets weekly to discuss how to resolve issues brought to our attention

Committee honors confidentiality as called for

Committee enforces policies and procedures as well to listen to co-op members and amend such policies and procedures as needed.

Committee provides education and support towards the effective utilization of the policies and procedures

Committee members work toward being a visible and safe, productive space where co-op members can bring their solutions and concerns.

Committee supports additional co-op members in taking action towards the above goals