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Spring 2016


Class Schedule

  • 1st Period – 10:00-10:55

    Archery for Kidz (8-13y) – $95
    Art Around the World (8+y) – $100 + $25
    Elementally, My Dear (Permaculture 101) (5-9y) – $85 + $20
    Elementary Electronics (9+y) – $50
    Elementary Math & Language (5-7y) – $45 + $40
    General Chemistry 1 (10+y) – $100 + $25
    Ingram’s Pro Karate (3-5y) – $60 (1st 25 min)
    Ingram’s Pro Karate (6+y) – $60 (2nd 25 min)
    Math Around Us: The Language of the Universe (9+y) – $105 + $10
    Musical Theater Acting! (6-18y) – $125 + $10
    Photography 1a (9+y) – $60 + $25
    Soccer for Tikes (3-5y) – $60 (2nd 25 min)

  • 2nd Period – 11:05-12:00

    Acrylic Painting (10+y) – $100 + $45
    Advanced Guitar (10+y) – $120
    Development Soccer (6+y) – $100
    Elementally, My Dear (Permaculture 101) (9+y) – $85 + $20
    Elementary Science (6-10y) – $60 + $60
    General Chemistry 2 (10-18y) – $100 + $25
    Greek and Roman Myths (8-14y) – $85 + $5
    Introduction To Game Design (10+y) – $50
    Learn Improv Comedy (8+y) – $72
    Melting Pot (4-8y) – $0
    Messy Fun for the Littles (2-4y) – $0
    Photography 1b (11+y) – $60 + $25

Lunch – 12:05-12:40

  • 3rd Period – 12:45-1:40

    Ballet and Creative Movement (4-7y) – $95
    Balloon Twisting (6+y) – $115 + $15
    Hip Hop Dance (8+y) – $95
    Hot Topic and Service Projects (9+y) – $60
    Invention of Hugo Cabret Inventors (see desc) – $60 + $60
    Mad Science (6-12y) – $95 + $30
    Math Basics (4-8y) – $85 + $5
    Melting Pot (8+y) – $0
    Family Favorites Music and Movement (0-5y) – $90
    Photography 1b (5-10y) – $60 + $25
    Pre-Algebra (10-18y) – $95 + $15
    Teen Fitness (12+y) – $72

  • 4th Period 1:50-2:45

    Art of Magic (8+y) – $125 + $35
    Chess: The Royal Game (6-14y) – $75
    Crafting Adults (16+y) – $0
    Creative Writing Your Way! (12+y) – $60
    Culinary Arts: Training for the Aspiring Kid Chef! (8+y) – $100 + $30
    Earth Science (9-18y) – $100 + $20
    Highland Dance (5-10y) – $85 + $5
    The Art of Make-Up (8+y) – $30 + $70
    P.E. (7+y) – $60
    Photography 1a (5-8y) – $60 + $25
    Preschool YogaKids (3-5y) – $84
    Woodcarving (9+y) – $84

  • 5th Period – 2:55-3:50

    Beginner Sewing (7+y) – $60 + $60
    Charcoal: A Beautiful Mess (10+y) – $20 + $35
    Comparative Anatomy (10-18y) – $100 + $25
    Dancing like a star! Ballroom Basics 1-2-3 (8+y) – $110
    Geography 101 USA (6-14y) – $85 + $5
    Interactive Games (10+y) – $40
    I’ve Always Wanted to Go to Culinary School (18+y) – $100 + $30
    School Age YogaKids (6+y) – $84
    Tennis For Everyone (7+y) – $95


Acrylic Painting (Magic Jay)

Ages: 10+
Cost: $100 + $45 materials fee; $15 sibling discount
In this acrylic painting class we will paint a piece each week. Paintings such as sunsets, trees, abstract, and more. You will learn how to mix colors and apply the right colors first onto canvas.

Advanced Guitar World (Chris Cappella)

This class is a continuation from the previous semester and is currently full.
Ages: 10+ (Adults, too!)
Cost: $120 per student; 10% discount for 2 family members; 20% discount for 3 or more family members.
Required: Bring your own guitar (acoustic preferred)
Important: This guitar course is designed for those with a fundamental understanding of guitar who have learned the major and minor chords as well as barre chords, strumming techniques, and beginning scale patterns. It is aimed at students who have satisfactorily completed the previous Advanced Guitar course at HOP.
Now that you’re familiar with the guitar and can play chords, notes, and portions of songs, where do you go from here? The next steps are challenging but fun, and are important to mastering the guitar. In this continuing advanced guitar course, learn techniques to play better, faster, and cleaner than ever before … and most importantly with other guitar players. This semester’s course will focus on songs and learning to harmonize and improvise. Additional finger exercises will continue to improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and speed. An emphasis on scales will turn the exercises into music in no time, even affording attendees the opportunity to solo. Ear-training will be practiced, and tablature will be a signature feature in learning songs. Handouts from each class with help you practice at home.

Archery for Kidz (Coach Dan McKeag)

Ages: 8-13
Cost: $95; $10 sibling discount
Learn a new sport and have loads of fun in a relaxed atmosphere. The young people will achieve fundaments of shooting a bow, learning proper safety procedures and having a blast as they progress in the class. This is a hands-on class and all the equipment is provided. This is a class for a novice or a veteran as we shoot at targets balloons and even some stuffed animals. Discipline and Patience in Archery equals Fun! Fun! Fun!

Art Around the World (Sarah Tierney)

Ages: 8+
Cost: $100 + $25 materials fee; $25 sibling discount
Paypal email:
We will be doing an art project from different world cultures throughout history. We will be creating our own versions of hieroglyphics, scrimshaw art and pop art of pieces and many more! We will be using many different types of media including clay, paint, plaster of paris. Students should be prepared to get messy on occasion. Parent participation is not required, but welcomed.

Art of Magic (Magic Jay)

Ages: 8+
Cost: $125 + $35; $15 sibling discount
The Art of Magic is a class designed for students to get an idea of what being a magician is about. We learn how to perform amazing magic tricks, how to communicate with others when performing a trick. In this class we not only learn magic tricks , we learn how to deliver them with an impact! Students will gain self confidence, hand eye coordination, communication skills, along with an open door to a number of other talents and interests.

The Art of Makeup (Dani Tapscott)

Ages: 8+
Cost: $30 + $70 materials fee
Learn how to use makeup for a glam look! This class is taught by a teen that loves all things glam!

Ballet and creative movement (Sharon Joller)

Ages: 4-7
Cost: $95; $15 sibling discount
Pay online:
Students will be introduced to basics of ballet and modern technique and history, Learning the positions of body, feet, arms, jumping, large motor and dynamic movement, simple stretch exercises, with barre, floor and movement exercises. Creative dance and music listening in every class.

Balloon Twisting (Magic Jay)

Ages: 6+
Cost: $115 + $15 materials fee; $15 sibling discount
In this class we will learn how to twist balloon animals. From animals to hats, swords and more. The art of balloon twisting class will help improve hand eye coordination in any individual.

Beginner Sewing (Stacy Tapscott)

Ages: 7+
Cost: $60 + $60 materials fee
Paypal email:
Students will learn the basics of sewing and how to use a sewing machine.
Students will have projects like small stuffed animals, pillows, simple clothing garments like scarf, skirt, or hat and students will be involved in choosing the projects they would like to sew.
I will provide materials like fabric and sewing notions. Students need to bring a sewing machine there are small lightweight portable ones that start at $50. (if there is a younger child that wants to take the class and the parent is able to attend with them I can make an exception).

Charcoal: A Beautiful Mess (Miguel & Lisa Pimental)

Ages: 10+
Cost: $20 + $35 materials fee
In this course, we will explore the use of charcoal on our canvases. We will learn about line, tone, visual weight and the use of white space. This class is primarily an exploratory one. The point is to have fun and learn by doing. We will do still life, landscapes and if we’re feeling brave, we may even attempt a portrait or two.
This class will require the purchase of an art kit. The kit will have a set of tools and materials that will be picked out specifically for the class.

Chess: The Royal Game (Coach Eric Clemenson)

Ages: 6-14
Cost: $75
Chess is a great way to work the mind and is suitable for all ages. It is an open ended learning experience, there’s always room for improvement. Most importantly, it’s just plain FUN! Playing chess teaches patience, discipline, and responsibility for one’s decisions. It also brings increased confidence and integration of higher-order reasoning skills. Parents are encouraged to play their children (beating grown-ups is fun!). Beginners will be introduced to the history, rules and fundamentals of one of the world’s oldest strategic games. Meanwhile, experienced players will be introduced to tactical devices, checkmating patterns, elementary endgames and more. A portion of each class is set aside for play because, well, chess is a game and should be enjoyed as such.

Comparative Anatomy (Sharon Nunley)

Ages: 10-18
Cost: $100 + $25; $15 sibling discount
We will spend one class in lecture about the animal. Then the next doing the actual dissection. Lectures will be based on: The functionality of organs as compared to humans and other animals. The evolution of some organs. Why do some animals have vestigial organs? Topics related to evolution will be cover, but nothing that will conflict with anyone’s faith. If you have concerns in this area please speak with me.
The intent is for students to partner in groups of 2-3 students for the lab portion. Group of 3 material fee $20 – Pair of 2 material fee $25. If your student can not find a group, I will assign one on the first day of class. Animals we will dissect are:

  1. Worm
  2. Crayfish
  3. Frog
  4. Squid
  5. Sheep Brain
  6. Cow Eye

Crafting Adults Co-op Class (coordinator Trisha Laszlo)

Ages: 16+
Cost: $0
Because our kids aren’t the only ones who like to learn new things and have fun, this is a cooperative class for adults (or older teens) who are interested in crafts projects and artsy stuff. We can do anything in the arts and crafts realm, provided it is *easily accessible to beginners* and that it can be worked on within the time constraints. Participants do not have to completely finish a craft in the 55 minute time period, but they should be able to get a good start on whatever we are learning that day. For those that are having trouble coming up with an idea for a class, Pinterest is one place where you might find some fun ideas. Contact the coordinator for more ideas.
Note: This is a cooperative class. That means that each student who signs up agrees to teach and supply materials for one or two classes during the semester (depending on how many people sign up). You provide, pay for, and bring the materials for the class that you are scheduled to teach. We are all learners here. You don’t have to be an absolute expert at the class you choose to teach, so don’t feel overly pressured. We will all learn together! The goal is fun and learning new crafty things!

Creative Writing Your Way! (Miguel Pimental)

Ages: 12+
Cost: $60
This course will revolve around several things: public speaking, creative writing and peer review. The creative writing will delve into topic of tone, composition and theme. The public speaking portion will be all about presenting your piece, creating context and even evoking a response from the audience. The peer review portion will focus on learning to analyse a piece in it’s context, provide helpful criticism and providing support. These topics will all be done within a fun and friendly environment. So, join the class and you may find that there is more to writing than just ink and paper (cheesy!).
I will also be creating blogs for each of my students. They will be able to use them to post their work from class or any other work that they would like to post. I would love to see this become a lively community where we can all write and work together as friends. Another feature is that I have acquired several licenses to the Prezi presentation software. The site allows for really exciting presentations and visual ways to connect topics. I will be giving those out to my students free of charge.

Culinary Arts: Training for the Aspiring Kid Chef! (Jamie Nelms)

Ages: 8+
Cost: $100 + $30 materials fee; $10 sibling discount
Come and have a fun-filled hour, learning classical cooking techniques taught to chefs! Go from the basics of stocks and sauces to sweet and savory treats. We will learn terminology, how to determine quality ingredients, shopping for value, and awesome food preparation.

  • The first class will deal primarily with kitchen safety and sanitation.
  • There will be a tasting of food during each class.
  • If there is leftover food and you would like to take some home, just make sure that you bring your own containers and keep them at the proper temperature until you get home.
  • Bring a SHARP chef or Santoku knife to each class, as well as a kitchen towel.

Learn to wow your friends and your family with your cooking skills! Let’s have fun with FOOD!

Dancing like a star! Ballroom Basics 1-2-3 (Fritzi Frederick)

Ages: 8+
Cost: $110; $10 sibling discount
Grab a partner ! This is a fun opportunity to learn Ballroom social dance. A variety of styles will be taught. Smooth dances to include Tango , Waltz and Foxtrot. Latin dances will include Rumba and Cha Cha …plus Swing and Salsa. And Country /Western for an added treat!  Students will be dancing with a partner.
We will also learn warm up techniques and core strength. This class is being offered for different age groups. We will have practice time at the end of each class to socialize and dance with others.
Smooth sole shoes for everyone recommended.

Development Soccer (Jerrod Nelms)

Ages: 6+
Cost: $100; $10 sibling discount
Paypal email:
This is a development soccer class for children age 6+. Students will learn and practice basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, throwing), and will learn some basic elements of an organized game. This class will prepare students to participate in an organized beginner soccer league.
Students should bring their own soccer ball, if available. If one is not available in the family, please contact the instructor prior to the first class for an alternate arrangement.

Earth Science (Sharon Nunley)

Ages: 9-18
Cost: $100 + $20; $15 sibling discount
We will be looking at the Earth as a whole functioning system. How the various systems are interconnected and how they came to be this way. This class will require reading for class and lab preparations. Homework will be given for the reinforcement of classes, but not required. Topics covered are:

  1. Physical Science Connections: Types of Energy, Heat, Density and Buoyancy
  2. Water and the Water cycle, Atmosphere, Weather, Oceans
  3. Mapping the Earth, Inside the Earth, Plate Tectonics
  4. Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Formation of Rocks
  5. Wreathing, Soil and Water
  6. Natural Resources & Conservation

Elementally, My Dear (Permaculture 101) (Loretta Buckner)

Ages: Period 1: 5-9; Period 2: 9+
Cost: $85 + $20 materials fee; 10% sibling discount
Elementally, My Dear is a comprehensive and immersive adventure into the world of Permaculture – a holistic systems design process, encompassing the inter-connective relationships between all systems: living and non-living. By teaching–hands-on and interactively-the principles and ethics of permaculture, this course leads the student to an understanding, an embodiment of the systems of nature…so that, fully tooled, they can create a future of which all generations can appreciate the benefits.
This course connects science, mathematics, creative thinking, and cognitive thinking in a way which no other course can.
Pre-requisites: an open mind
Required skills: All
Homework: take home experiments encouraged but not required.

Elementary Electronics (Miguel Pimental)

Ages: 9+
Cost: $50
We will be exploring history, applications, and future of electronics and technology. We will build series and parallel circuits, make batteries, and faraday cages.

Elementary Math & Language (Renee Bloom-McGrady)

Ages: 5-7
Cost: $45 + $40 materials fee; $5 sibling discount
Specifically designed for K-1st we will explore Patterns, Addition/Subtraction, Time, Money, and Graphs through hands on activities. Towards the end of each class we will have different language activities such as blends and vowels. A maximum of five new words each week will be explored. (There will be no tests or homework ~ fun and love of learning with helpful worksheets) Many group activities and no common core stress. *Age 4 with parent ~ must know basic ABC’s and count to 20.

Elementary Science (Renee Bloom-McGrady)

Ages: 6-10
Cost: $60 + $60 materials fee
Explore a new aspect of science each week through amazing hands on experiments and educational worksheets to bring home. Come explore the universe by creating your own solar system. Lets dive into the earth to discover dinosaurs and create your own volcanoes! We will also explore habitats , life cycles, body systems, energy, and more as we dig into the secrets of science.

Family Favorites Music and Movement with Music Together (Karine Lespinasse Sabourault)

Ages: 0-5
Cost: $90; $55 for 2nd child, $35 for 3rd child (45 min class)
Required: Parent participation
Pay online:
Join us for the Music Together® Family Favorites® Introductory Session this Spring!
You’ll learn nineteen of the best-loved songs from the nine Music Together song collections and activities you can recreate at home. Your children will be delighted to hop or bounce along to “John the Rabbit” and the whole class will treasure the opportunity to see one of the daddies’ best monkey impressions during “One Little Owl.” In addition to imaginative and engaging weekly classes, your tuition includes materials for you to use at home, online access to the curriculum through the Music Together app, and a family newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas. These classes are 45 minutes of pure delight for children age birth to 5 years and the parents and caregivers who love them.

General Chemistry 1 (Sharon Nunley)

Ages: 10+
Cost: $100 + $25 materials fee; $15 sibling discount
This class is presented as an introduction to Chemistry. Designed for the student and explore and see if they have an interest in higher level science. Reading & basic math skills are required for class and lab preparations. Homework will be given, but is not required.
Topics covered will be:

  • Organization of the Periodic Table
  • Components of the Elements
  • Difference between Density, Weight & Mass
  • Structure of Compounds (Ionic and Covalent)
  • Difference between Solute, Solvent
  • What is Chemical Change?
  • Balancing chemical equations

General Chemistry 2 (Sharon Nunley)

Ages: 10-18
Cost: $100 + $25 materials fee; $15 sibling discount
This class will build on the concepts learned in General Chemistry 1. If you student did not attend this class last semester, please see me for permission to attend this class. Reading is required for class preparation and laboratory work. Knowledge of basic math is required, but a calculator may be used. Topics covered:

  • Review of Gen Chem 1
  • Liquids and Inter-molecular Forces
  • Solids and Modern Materials
  • Properties of Solutions
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Acid-Base Equilibria

Geography 101: USA (Coach Eric Clemenson)

Ages: 6-14
Cost: $85 + $5 materials fee
This course is covers the individual states, state histories and trivia, state capitals, and some of the significant geology in the United States
This course will be sequentially alternated with Geography 102: The Western Hemisphere, Geography 103: Europe and Africa, and Geography 104: Asia and Oceana. During these courses the student will be introduced to “traditional” (physical) geography, the study of the surface of the Earth and the natural processes that have shaped it, as well as human geography. These courses may include activities such as map making, map labeling, trivia games, and videos and can accommodate younger students with limited writing skills.

Greek and Roman Myths the Percy Jackson Way (Eric Clemenson)

Ages: 8-14
Cost: $85 + $5 materials fee
Using Rick Riordan’s fictional series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, as both an introduction and a guide, this course examines, in much more detail, Greek Mythology and later Roman Mythology. In this course, the students will read each of the 5 volumes of the Percy Jackson series, and discuss the books in class. This course draws on a number of other sources for more detailed information on Greek and Roman myths. This course will include activities to help understand the Greek and Roman world and the role of myths in them. This course includes video elements as well.
Students should be at a reading comprehension level to understand the Percy Jackson stories.

Highland Dance (Elizabeth Constantine)

Ages: 5-10
Cost: $85 + $5 materials fee
Paypal email:
Learn about Celtic Music, Culture and Dance! Dancers will learn dance etiquette, motor skills, rhythm, coordination and so much more! The foundations of the Highland Fling and Sword Dance will be taught in a fun and engaging way!

Hip Hop Dance (Miranda Heitz)

Ages: 8+
Cost: $95
This class will have students learning all kinds of Hip Hop dance steps and dance routines in a fun creative environment. Miss Miranda has been teaching Hip Hop since the 90’s and has a way of teaching kids so that they feel comfortable and understand how to creatively express themselves. Dancers also learn about being positive, gaining confidence, building teamwork, and their physical fitness and health! Hope to see you there!
You will need- clothes you can move in, sneakers, and a water bottle.

Hot Topic and Service Projects (Jaime Manfra)

Ages: 9+
Cost: $60
Paypal email:
This is a discussion group where kids pick current topics (hot topics), we will research and discuss the topics together and strive to increase our understanding of the world. Hot topics can include war, terrorism, gender identity, religious conflict, ISIS, Illuminati, conspiracy theories, politics, homelessness, drug addiction etc.. The goal is to provide a safe space for the kids to discuss current affairs, learn to access quality websites for research, express diverse opinions, sharpen consultative skills and reach informed conclusions. Differences of opinion are well respected and controversial topics can comfortably be discussed. In this class, we will also plan and complete at least one service project. The service project will be the result of consultation and planning by the kids and according to their passion. Weather permitting, we’ll have this class outside and kids can use mobile phones, tablets and laptops so I can guide their research to reputable sources.

Ingram’s Pro Karate (Shelby McLane)

Ages: Class 1: 3-5; Class 2: 6+
Cost: $60; $20 sibling discount
Optional: $37 uniform
Ingram’s Karate has been teaching Isshin-ryu karate in the area since 1977. The class will include learning basic punches and kicks, as well as, self-defense in a structured setting. Children will be learning more of the advanced punches and kicks and will be improving on their physical skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence, while having fun! Each class will be 30 minutes long and include a small work out and a lesson on a new Karate technique. Then, at the end of the class we will end with a fun game.

Interactive Games (Kim Polce)

Ages: 10+
Cost: $40
Paypal email:
If you like multi-player, interactive games, this class is for you! We will play games such as Werewolf, The Resistance, Avalon, Masquerade and more. There are a minimum of 6 games that can be played twice, however this will be a class where the students decide what they want to do next. We will discuss as a group what game we want to play the following week and students will be provided with a youtube link that will show them how to play the game we chose. In order for us to get the most of our class time, students should watch the videos to have at least a general idea of how the game is played. For our first class we will be playing Werewolf!
Please note that many of the games will require that players are “killed” or “destroyed”. If you are not comfortable with your child playing such games, this class will not be a good fit.

Introduction To Game Design – ages 10+ (Miguel & Lisa Pimental)

Ages: 10+
Cost: $50; $10 sibling discount
This course will be an introduction to the root ideas of what a game is and how to they are made. We will explore rules structures and balancing mechanics. Through the course of the twelve weeks we will learn what elements make up a compelling game. Furthermore, we will explore games through play. All assignments can be completed with pencil and paper and require no programming knowledge or extra materials.
I will create a blog for us to all post our design ideas and discuss concepts and mechanics. These blogs will allow each of the students to connect on their free time and help each other.

Invention of Hugo Cabret Inventors (Lisa Pimental)

Ages: Read at Grade 5+ or have parent read book to child
Cost: $60 + $60 materials fee
Explore and making inventions while reading inventions of Hugo Cabret. A book filled with pictures about a 12 year old boy that lives in the train station. Reading level 5th grade or parents willing to read with child outside reading expected. We’ll be moving beyond the pages. Each child can have an optional journal to complete more of the writing activities. While we complete the hands on activities in class We’ll also design and make a clock, make and paint a 3D moving puzzle, make a 3d car puzzle while completing Odyssey challenges.

I’ve Always Wanted to Go to Culinary School (Jamie Nelms)

Ages: 18+
Cost: $100 + 30 materials fee
This is a class for the parents, grown-ups, and caregivers of our awesome homeschooling kiddos! Since I enrolled in culinary school, and finished it last December, I have had SO many folks tell me that they’ve “”always wanted to go to culinary school.”” Take an hour of your day, while your older kids are in a class, and have a friend watch your littles on the playground. Learn the skills you’ve always wanted! You won’t come out with knife skills like Morimoto but you will have fun and learn a few new things that can help you make the most of the money you spend on ingredients and learn to make some things from scratch, so you know exactly what you are feeding your kids.

  • The first class will touch on kitchen safety and sanitation.
  • There will be food tastings during each class.
  • If there are leftovers and you would like to take some home to act as an afternoon snack (or even a quick and easy dinner if you are lucky), just make sure to bring your own containers and keep them in the fridge until you head home.
  • Please bring a SHARP chef or Santoku knife to each class, as well as a kitchen towel.

Learn Improv Comedy (Arp Laszlo)

Ages: 8-99; younger children and centenarians considered on an individual basis
Cost: $72; 10% sibling discount
Required: Occasional guffaws
Paypal email:
This class is all about having fun while learning improvisational comedy, where everything is made up on the spot! We’re going to do this by playing lots of games and engaging in ridiculous amounts of laughter. On the way, we’re going to become better communicators, faster thinkers and grow into a team – all while celebrating our mistakes and conquering our fears.

We’ll accomplish this in a safe, stress-free and supportive environment where we will make mistakes free of judgement and with the complete support of the team.

We will work up from simple storytelling to multi-person scenes and skits. This class is for anyone who enjoys comedy, being silly and laughing. The skills we develop will be applicable to acting and daily life. Group pranks may be involved. There will be occasional handouts but reading is not a requirement.

Mad Science (tbd)

Ages: 6-12
Cost: $90 + $35 materials fee
Pay online:
In Magic Forces & Flight students will work together in groups to discover a variety of physical science topics. All classes are full of fun, hands-on experiments and include a take-home for students to continue experimenting at home.

  • Under Pressure – Join Bernoulli and Newton as we take this exciting look at the science behind aerodynamics and the properties of air… under pressure. Use a vortex generator to create air pockets with a punch, and levitate ping-pong balls in defiance of gravity!
  • Che-Mystery – Eliminate the mystery in chemistry! Change water to juice & then back to water again and grow a crystal garden in minutes. Experience hydrophobic sand, watch camphor crystals dance & dart and make milk explode into colors. Take home your own dynamic dish for more chemical exploration.
  • Current Events – Take a tour on the electron freeway! Discover where electricity comes from and how it moves. Build circuits, test conductors and insulators, and make a flashlight out of paper!
  • FUNdamental Forces – Gravity… Inertia… Centripetal force… who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun? We’ll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and build some cool devices to watch them at work!
  • Wacky Water – Create your own multi-density wave bottles while learning about water, waves and the environment. Simulate the effects of an ocean oil spill and develop creative techniques to clean it up!
  • Science of Magic – Magic? No… It’s science! You’ll learn the secrets behind famous magic that you can recreate for yourself! Mother nature has some tricks of her own, and we’d like to show you what’s up her sleeve!
  • Fantastic Fliers – Explore fundamental principles of flight. Make awesome gliders with control surfaces. Build & take home several different fliers. You will be a flying ace after this class!
  • Super Structures – Discover the strengths of triangles, cylinders and arches. Learn how combinations of these shapes make for sturdy homes and skyscrapers! Use teamwork to build your own super structures as well as an earthquake-proof building.
  • Matter Mix It Up – Explore atoms & molecules, and some dramatic differences between physical & chemical changes, make surprising solutions mad mixtures and SLIME to take home.
  • Moving Motion – Action equals reaction in this “moving” session. Discover how force creates movement and buckle up for a spectacular demo of these forces with a hovercraft ride for all interested pilots.
  • Energy Burst – Explore the types of energy and how it moves and changes. Make a model jet engine, race at the speed of light, use water to power a car, turn slinkies and hangers into musical instruments and fling things with real catapults!
  • Dry Ice Capades – Explore the 3 types of matter and what makes them change. Turn liquids to solids in seconds, create bubbling potions and a huge fog storm and explore what heat can do to matter.

Math Around Us: The Language of the Universe (Chalinda Weerasinghe)

Ages: 9+
Cost: $105 + $10 materials fee; $5 sibling discount
Paypal email:
Mathematics is everywhere and can be applied to anything? Don’t believe it? Well take this course and I shall prove it to you! Find out how you can apply math and mathematical thinking to whatever you are interested in or studying at the moment. Math is holistic, and it is intimately connected to history, science, language, music, crafting, art, cooking, everything and anything. This class will help you to understand how to apply math to everyday life and to think mathematically about things around you. Plus you get to pick what we study about!

Math Basics (Coach Eric Clemenson)

Ages: 4-8
Cost: $85 + $5 materials fee
This course focuses on understanding fundamentals to build a basis for future success in mathematics. The course begins with basic counting and via the use of number lines moves on to addition and subtraction, examines whole numbers and integers, odd numbers and even, multiplication and division, prime numbers and factoring, and finally fractions.
This course will use handouts, problem solving, math games, videos, and math magic tricks to convey the material.

Melting Pot (coordinators Sandi Lefebvre & Tiffany Martin)

Ages: Period 2: 4-8; Period 3: 8+
Cost: $0:
This is a fun cooperative class where anything can happen! Parents will be responsible for planning, purchasing materials (if needed), and teaching 1-2 classes for up to 12 kids during the semester. Classes can be based on anything that will interest the kids in the group. Some ideas include: fun science experiments, cool crafting projects, awesome group games, cooking project, having an animal rescue come in to show and discuss, and more! Classes can be “taught” in our classroom, or be moved outside for some days. Parents can also choose to co-teach on their weeks. Looking for ideas? Pinterest is a great resource for finding fun projects and games of all sorts.

Messy Fun for the Littles Co-op Class (coordinator Trisha Laszlo)

Ages: 2-4
Cost: $0
This is an active, fun, and messy cooperative class for our littlest members. The goal is to provide open-ended, hands-on, experiential, age-appropriate fun for our youngest members. Whatever we choose to bring, the kids should have freedom to explore, make decisions and help to determine how the class progresses.. Clothes will most likely get messy and/or stained. Classes do not have to feel like a “class”. Activities can be totally relaxed and exploratory. There is no forced expectation that children will come home with any particular product or having learned anything in particular except what they have chosen to take from their exploration. (Some examples: Fun with clay, Mud and mud-pies, tactile experiences with water pearls.) [Important: If your child is still in the stage where they put everything in their mouth, they should be monitored closely by a parent at all times. Some projects may involve things that are best not placed in mouths.].
Note: This is a cooperative class. Parents of students are expected to stay with their child at all times and help the week’s “teacher” to set up/clean up when they are able (around supervising their own child). Parents of students are expected to “teach” 1-2 classes over the course of the semester. The week’s assigned “teacher” agrees to provide, pay for, and bring the materials for the class that they are scheduled to teach. Parents can cooperate to co-teach classes if they like. Contact the coordinator for class ideas if you need to.

Musical Theater Acting! (2nd Stage Studio Theater)

Ages: 6-18
Cost: $125 + $10 materials fee
Paypal email:
Like to Act? Like to Sing? Like to Dance? Like to do one or the other? Like to do all three?
Well if you’re ready for an eclectic class filled with the triple threat Broadway Theater training, then the Musical Theater Acting class is for you!
This class will explore all avenues of Theater including:

  • Musical Theater Vocal Styles
  • Musical Theater Dance Styles
  • Musical Theater Acting Techniques

We will put them all together and explore our world of theater by preparing and performing different Broadway tunes from shows such as Annie Jr., Godspell, Fiddler on the Roof, Hairspray, Alladin, The Lion King and much much more.
We will explore all avenues of acting which includes many different games geared towards the craft of performing. We will explore all genres of dance including, Jazz, Tap and Modern- all of which will be geared towards the stage! We will approach a Multi-model teaching style focusing on Visuals, Aural, and Kinesthetic learning. We look forward to bring the magic of live theater to your classroom!
This class is completely adaptable and geared towards the learning styles of each student!
This class is open to students from ages 6-18 and is an open enrollment class- this means people can join at anytime and jump right into the lessons each week!

P.E. (Andy Polce)

Ages: 7+
Cost: $60
Paypal email:
Come enjoy several of your favorite games and sports. The emphasis will be on fun and as much or as little instruction as the child wishes. We will be utilizing the state of the art gym as well as the beautiful Florida outdoors. During the semester, games will include: kickball, dodgeball, soccer, disc golf, touch football, and many other fun playground games.

Photography 1a & 1b (EJ Acotto)

Ages: 1a: 5-8 (Per 4); 1a: 9+ (Per 1); 1b: 5-10 (Per 3); 1b: 11+ (Per 2)
Cost: $60 + $25 materials fee
Required: Students will need to bring their digital camera (with charger, battery, and sd card), folder, pencil, scissors, glue sticks, notebook/paper, black sharpie, a ruler.
In this class we will be continuing basic photography. The students will learn more lighting and composition, lighting as well as other functions of their camera. We will be doing a photography project weekly and a craft project every 4th week, Depending on how well the students grasp the information and class participation, below is a description of the classes:

  • Directing light (use a Lamp, front, back, side, top) Flash with step back x4 (in/out)
  • Landscape foreground moving camera up/down Directing light
  • People less clutter, framing Landscape Forground, Bacground
  • Craft (Catch up on photos not taken) Reflector/diffuser
  • Remove the shadow of photos from wk 7 People less Clutter
  • Main Subject in foreground then middle Background Shadows with reflectors
  • Moving closer/move back (larger/smaller) zoom Main Subject F, M,B
  • Craft (Catch up on photos not taken) Box
  • Small objects Moving Closer
  • What is the view? Stomach, back, lean over, etc. Small objects
  • Magic, tricks, creations…. What’s the view
  • Craft (Catch up on photos not taken) Filters

Pre-Algebra (Sharon Nunley)

Ages: 10-18
Cost: $95 + $15 materials fee; $15 sibling discount
This is an introduction to Algebra. I will be teaching topics that give your child a basic understanding of Algebra and it mechanics. There will be weekly homework to reinforce lessons learned. Homework is optional and for the benefit of the student. Answers for homework will be provided at the next class period. Reading is minimal, but an understanding of adding, subtracting, multiplication and division are a must. Calculators can be used if your child is not confident with multiplication and division.

  • Review of natural number arithmetic
  • New types of numbers such as integers, fractions, decimals and negative numbers
  • Factorization of natural numbers
  • Properties of operations such as associative and distributive
  • Simple (integer) roots and powers
  • Rules of evaluation of expressions, such as operator precedence and use of parentheses
  • Basics of equations, including rules for invariant manipulation of equations
  • Understanding of variable usage and how to solve for variables
  • Usage and arithmetic with the standard 4-quadrant Cartesian coordinate plane

Preschool YogaKids (Susan Rose)

Ages: 3-5
Cost: $84
Preschool YogaKids is a fun combination of music, stories, yoga poses, games, guided relaxations and art that teaches the whole child. Lessons are built around an age appropriate theme, such as how our bodies work, nature, or fun activities like going tot he beach or zoo. Children learn to connect to their bodies, to each other, and to the world. Parents are welcome to participate (3 yr olds sometimes need assistance) or observe.

School Age YogaKids (Susan Rose)

Ages: 6+
Cost: $84
Children will enjoy moving, breathing, and relaxing in this class designed for age 6 and up. Through music, stories, games, and yoga poses, students will learn the tools to focus, concentrate, and self regulate, all while having fun! Activities such as parachute, ribbons, and juggling also included.

Soccer for Tikes (Jerrod Nelms)

Ages: 3-5
Cost: $60; sibling discount 10%
Paypal email:
This 30-minute class will help children ages 3-5 become more comfortable with a soccer ball and learn the basic skills of the game (dribbling, passing, shooting, etc).
As the class will involve running and kicking the ball, a closed-toe shoe is strongly recommended.

Teen Fitness (Rob Mirlenbrink)

Ages: 12+
Cost: $72
It is never too early to develop healthy exercise habits. These classes will teach respect, and team building skills and at the same time improve overall fitness. Areas covered will include strength and agility training, sports-specific sessions, cardiovascular and flexibility training. The programs are designed help the youth to adopt positive behaviors at an early age and help inspire them in their pursuit of lifelong fitness.
We will spend the first four classes learning about fitness; including how to use the fitness room machines. Students will be on their own to work out for the remaining 8 classes. Instructor will do a follow-up with students on 4/20 to see if they need more assistance or if they have any questions.

Tennis For Everyone (Andy Polce)

Ages: 7+
Cost: $95
Paypal email:
Ever Wanted to learn tennis? Already play tennis and want to get better? This class will go over the basics from the very foundation to a successful command of the sport. Upon completion, students will have an understanding of the skills, strokes, and strategy needed to play this lifelong sport. Each student will receive their own racket which they can keep at the end of class.

Woodcarving (Robert Marek)

Ages: 9+
Cost: $84
I wish to teach the proper and safe use of carving tools. I will start with a simple &I safe project that gives the proper use of a knife and a gouge.