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Teacher Terms

[Revised May 2016]


Over the more than 20 years that HOP has been in existence, we have developed classroom policies that both honor our diverse homeschool population, and which help our teachers to be successful.  We are not a public school, and our families have needs and requirements which often differ from families that use public school.  All of our teachers need to be familiar with our policies and adhere to them.

Classroom Policies:

  • Our teachers are not permitted to use any punitive systems in the classroom.
  • Both teachers and students should be treated respectfully and kindly at all times.
  • Parents, along with members of the Planning Team, are welcome to sit in on classes.
  • Teachers must arrive before class begins and be ready to teach on time. Teachers are expected to teach each of the 12 weeks of classes unless there is an emergency or illness. If teachers need to miss a class due to illness or emergency, or if they will be delayed due to an unavoidable situation, they should notify us immediately by texting or calling a Planning Team member and/or posting on our current semester’s Facebook Page.  Teachers should make arrangements with parents of students by offering to reschedule the missed class or giving parents a refund for that class. No substitute teachers are allowed unless approved by the Planning Team beforehand.

Other Teacher Policies:

  • If you know ahead of time (before class submission) that there is a particular date during the semester when you will be unable to teach, you should include that information in the class description and either discount the class fee to take that into consideration, or include a makeup class for all registrants.
  • If you are a teacher that has children who will be attending classes at HOP while you teach, please remember that your children will need to be supervised at all times, which is a rule that applies to everyone.  While you teach, your child/children may attend a class, stay with you, or be supervised by another parent who agrees to help you.

Teacher Fees

Insurance: For teachers that DO NOT have a child enrolled in HOP classes, we require a payment of $10/semester to cover liability insurance. That fee is due by the first day of classes. If you have a child that attends HOP, and you are already paying the semester’s family fee, nothing else is due.