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The Royale Game (Eric Clemenson)

Ages: 10+

Fee: $75 plus $10 non-refundable materials fee


This class is for students who already have some experience playing chess and are familiar with the rules. If the prospective student is a beginner or has a limited knowledge of chess, please consider enrolling in The ABCs of Chess.

Students will be introduced to the ancient game of chess and discover strategies like zugzwang and the “Greek Gift”.

Each class will be composed of a learning portion (lesson) and a free play period where students get to put to use what they’ve learned, after all, chess is a game and should be enjoyed!

If enough students are enrolled, for those interested, an unrated chess tournament will be conducted, and trophies awarded.

In addition, for ambitious players, information will be supplied on resources they can use to make additional progress in their game. Chess is an open-ended learning experience, there’s always something more to learn!

Chess is suitable for all ages. I have taught students aged 5 to 70.

PAYMENT: Payments accepted via cash, check or Zelle.

NOTE: For students who are interested but have a schedule conflict, I am available for individual or group lessons (if there is more than one student) outside of my class times.