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Wild Discovery – Extended Edition (Damon Chepren)

Ages: 7-10

Fee: $130 


In this double length class, have fun exploring the natural world as we seek out the flora and fauna of Florida, from megafauna to microscopic, and use our discoveries to learn about ecosystems, classification, adaptation, life cycles, symbiotic relationships, and conservation through inquiry-based learning. For the sake of environmental studies, this class will meet at nearby Hammock Park 3 minutes away, rather than at the church. To allow for travel time to the park, class will begin at 1:05 with 10 minutes of free exploration before instruction starts and will continue until 2:45. Plan to get your feet wet and your hands dirty as this class is all about getting out and immersing ourselves in nature. Activities will include dip netting, water testing, hiking, catch and release sampling, animal encounters, and just plain nature discovery. Each week will have a theme, but our learning will be driven by what we find along the way.

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal:

If Venmo: Damon-Chepren

If Check Payable To: Wild World Experiential Ed.